Float glass components

Ready to install

Components based on float glass has many applications, such as signage, showerboxes, fireplaces, furniture and more. We specialise in laminated, milled and curved glass. If you have glass components in your manufacturing or in development, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to offer our advise and quotes for small and large projects

We have offices and staff in China, ISO9001 certified, running a complete quality management system, insuring that components will seamlessly drop into your production flow.

Need assembly or ready for retail packing? No problem – with our own warehouse facilities and staff in China, we can assemble and pack and are happy to make it part of the project.

Glass milling

Data sheet

Float glassData
Glass thickness3 – 12mm
Toned glassSeveral shades available
Tempered Available
Low iron contentAvailable
CNC millingMin inside radius 10 mm
Edge finishingAll shapes available
Painted back and safety foileRoller or curtain coating. Colour to your specification.
Surface finishing Silk screen print, sandblast, chemical sandblast
Curved glassData
Glass thickness4 – 10 mm
CNC millingYes, min. inside radius 10 mm
Min. curve radius200 mm
Low iron contentAvailable
Number of curves per sheet1 only