ISO9001 Certified

The quality management system at Compfitt Group is ISO9001 certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. Latest in December 2015.

BTB sales & advice – in manufacturing of individual industrial customized components – hereunder sourcing, auditing, qualification & approval & follow up on suppliers – within quality assurance and quality inspection.

Our products – components and fittings – are elements to our customers major systems – and we are daily challenged by the fact of high customer demands and extremes.

We are therefore constantly working to ensure that working with us is value for our customers.

Thorough monitoring and control of all processes in the value chain from approach the production, delivery and service ensures the maintenance of a high quality – so that our solutions meet the needs, demands and standards set by our customers.

Always we have been working intensively in improving our quality, but since march 2013 we achieved the highest internationally recognized quality certification – in the nature of the ISO 9001 certification.

The certification was the culmination of several years of continuously hard work in process improvement and documentation.

The certification means to us that we:

  • have well defined processes
  • continuously strives to improve the quality and focus on waste
  • include added value dialogue with our customers and our suppliers
  • comply with international standards
  • are audited annually by Lloyd Register independent auditor team

We are very proud to be certified, but in daily life not much has changed in our way of work  – we have always focused on our customers satisfaction with our service.

ISO 9001 certification is the visible proof that assure working with us as your outsourcing partner – will be performed by qualified personnel in accordance with defined procedures that optimize quality and service.