Stainless steel

Precision investment casting

Precision investment casting in stainless steel, also known as lost wax casting, is a flexible production method where any shape can be produced. Investment casting is also a attractive method for small production runs. We offer all common alloys, if you have special alloy requirements we will most likely be able to help you also.

We offer a large range of post-processing services for machining, surface finish and print, please see data sheet below.

We have offices and staff in China, ISO9001 certified, running a complete quality management system, insuring that components will seamlessly drop into your production flow. Also we have our own test laboratory located in China.

Need assembly or ready for retail packing? No problem – with our own warehouse facilities and staff in China, we can assemble and pack.

Process of investment casting

Data sheet

AlloysANSI 304, 316, Duplex, Super-duplex – Others on request
Max item size400 * 700 * 800 mm
Min item weight5 g
Max item weight150 Kg
Min wall thickness0.5 mm
Surface roughnessRa1.6 – Ra3.2 – Ra6.3
TraceabilityAlloys and properties fully traceable
MachiningMilling, turning, welding
FinishMachine brushed, brushed by hand, polished, painted
Printsilk screen, etched, laser engraved
PackagingAssembly, packaging and labelling – also packing ready for retail
Facilities in China, Denmark, Germany
Test LaboratorySpectrometer, Roughness, Impact, Tensile, Hardness, X-ray, projector, 3D scanning