Project development – Engineering – Re-design – Facelift

Ajustable table mount for rehabEvery day has its new challenges, and this keeps our employees sensible to opportunities and trends.

As a contract manufacturer, we monitor technical production and last but not least, innovative developments.

As a result of our experience and know-how we see new possibilities and find innovative solutions in a wide range of tasks.

Over the years, we have developed a large number of new products in collaboration with our customers from idea to the drawing board and finished products.

We guarantee correctness in prices, products, quality and logistics.

This will ensure maximum competitive power for our customers.

We are the partner who enters into a dialogue with our customer and engages proactive in developing solutions for even the most complex items.

We see our CRM relations as an excellent partnership – where we know the everyday problems and demands of our customers.

The close contact with our partners facilitates matching of offers and solutions to the needs, requirements and specifics of our customers.

Sourcing – Manufacturing – Quality assurance – Quality control

manufactureNot all components can be manufactured at the most cost-effective price with in-house machinery at European sup-suppliers.

The Compfitt Group has always been prepared for this.

By establishing the local presence in the most important and relevant Chinese Provinces, we remain in close contact with our suppliers and partners.

With our offices in Shunde and Hangzhou – and the presence of our sourcers and QC Inspectors in several Provinces in China – we are sure to be able to source our products at the most profitable locations. Thanks to our establishment in China dating back more than 15 years and our Chinese colleagues – we have gained a wide cultural understanding.

We are close to our local partners and emphasise the importance of maintaining and expanding these relations.

Warehousing – Assembly – Packing

Warehouse Randers, DKWe have several warehouse facilities and are fully staffed to handle inventory management, pre-assembling and packaging.

We manage all administrative functions concerning the purchase and shipping of the products from the manufacturer to the customer.

We make sure that the quality, quantity and time of delivery is according to our agreement.

Consequently, both the suppliers and the customers can concentrate on the essentials and their core business, which saves them both money.

Through the years we have built a very strong competency in adding value to our customers – through international trading by maintaining permanent relations between our customers and the manufacturers.

Payment conditions

Compfitt HQ DenmarkOur Sales Credit Terms are based on positive client assessment by our partner Euler Hermes.

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