Customized solutions in aluminium


Compfitt Group specializes in aluminum extrusions and machined aluminum components of the highest quality.

If you require aluminum, we are your best partner for customized solutions.

Over the past year we have developed projects in the furniture, kitchen, cloakroom, bathroom, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, public advertising and building industry.

Our partners are all professional industrialized factories that have aluminum machining as its core competency. We provide profiles and components of the highest strength of all types of aluminum alloys.

Our production capability allows us to provide services from melting, extruding, machining, stamping, drilling, milling, bending and welding – and surface treatment such as anodizing, brushing, sandblasting, sanding and high gloss chemical polishing and especially powder coating on to subassemblies. Industrial bulk package or individually carton packaging for retail sale.

We manufacture tools according to your drawings – we have 600 tons to 2800 tons extruders – with 6.5 meter long work tables – and fully automated 12-meter anodizing line. We are equipped with advanced measurement test equipment.

We work with all aluminum alloys, i.e. 3003, 5052, 6005, 6005A, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6101, 6463rd. Our products meet EU standards and CE approved when required.